Bone Behemoth | CounterSpell Miniatures – 1985 Games


I fell in Love with the Artwork of this cute skeletal giant from CounterSpell Miniatures Kickstarter campaign. So, I decided now, to get me a copy. CounterSpell Miniatures are distributed by 1985 Games after the kickstarted campaign has been successfully finished.

Packaging & Model

The Bone Behemoth arrives in a neat, surprising tiny, black card box. The parts count is quite low: torso, head, arms and legs each left & right, two horns and last is the swords blade. The base size 80mm.



The blade was a bit wonky, since it’s a resin model. Nothing a bowl of hot water can’t solve.


As mentioned, the model is made from resin and cast very sharp and with very little flash and sprue gates. With a sharp hobby knife I was able to clean the model in very little time. After cleaning the fit of each part was very good. Though there were some minor gaps, especially between the torso and the legs. Luckily this is an area of the model that is mostly obscured. Using some putty those gaps were filled. Assembly of this giant overall was good and self-explanatory, the parts good fit does not allow for any irritating assembly.

behemoth_5.jpg behemoth_2.jpg

behemoth_1.jpg behemoth_3.jpg behemoth_4.jpg

Yeahh… sure it was easy, next time I should look up how parts come together… The swords blade is supposed to go through the hand instead of going behind. I liked the weird look of it, but on 1985 Games website you clearly see it going through the fingers.


Well, the Bone Behemoth comes with a base price of $55 ~ 48 EUR, plus VAT & shipping to EU it comes about ~ 70 EUR, depending on the destination. It’s not a cheap model. Though it’s yours to decide if you like the design and are willing to pay a higher price, for a high-quality miniature. Also, in comparison to other miniatures, especially with the 3D printing competitors. I don’t own a 3D printer so I can not tell how much a similar model would cost or at with print on demand. I’d assume it ain’t too cheap either.


I really look forward painting this model, orientating on the artwork from CounterSpell. The artwork depicts the Bone Behemoth in a dark fleshy colour with some brownish and reddish patches, but all in all in a very limited colour palette. Stay tuned. Please also check out my Instagram for any updated on my painted miniatures.

Thank you & cheers


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