legend of two princeps

It’s the foreshadowing of a dark time...

A time where brother turns against brother. Once trusted ones, now called traitors. The Angels of Death march to war against each other.

They are followed by godlike machines, battling with ferocity for each side trying to win the war for their cause. Obliterating macropole cities, burning worlds in the fires of plasma guns.

It’s the 30th millennia, the dawn of the horus heresy...

Now that we set the stage and mood, I may introduce you to a little project a friend of mine and i agreed to - a kind of road to "Adeptus Titanicus" project. This article from breakthroughassault.co.uk made us decide on this hobby project - so blame them 8o Their article really made us curious about the game.

From September 1st until October 14th, we are going to start, explore and delve right into Games Workshops Adeptus Titanicus, with us meeting at "Spiel'21" in the city of Essen, where the first clash of titans will take place.

Legend of two princeps

During our road to Adeptus Titanicus we are going through different phases from a first look and learning the game to modelling and painting our very first maniple. Join us on this journey...

Phase 1 --- ### --- 2021/09/01

First of September has passed and we opened our boxes and sniffed fresh plastic.

The first surprise after Opening the box was the high amount of detail on our tiny titans and the sheer mass of sprues, for six models it’s a lot of them. More onto this in a couple of days, after assembling and of course painting the minis.

There is not much to say about the gaming accessories, those are made from plastic and look reasonable. Thus, can be painted easily in your own fashion. The good thing is you got everything you need to play your first games, like in the starter sets of the main systems. There is one recommendation to buy a tape measure in inch if you do not own one already.

Further there are card decks for the weapons, for this starter set they should suffice. For further games you probably need more of them. According to Games Workshop Webstore there are none with the model kits and are sold separately. Stratagems and mission objectives are included which is a nice surprise. You need to purchase them individually for each faction or get the according codex, but that’s rather a minor thing.

The set contains specific Adeptus Titanicus dice, 6-sided, 10-sided, order-dice, scatter-dice, etc., anything you need to play Adeptus Titanicus. They come in a metal look, which I think looks really cool. It also looks like you will have enough of them and don’t need to get a lot more soon.

Last but not least, the rule book. Up to now I have just been reading through the „basic“ rules, which I’d say is positive. The book leads new gamers to the game with those basic rules, introducing a beginner’s scenario that is recommended to play at first. Right after the first scenario the book introduces the „advanced“ rules.

The layout of the book is good, it contains useful designer notes explaining background information to certain rules. Those of you who know the older games like Battlefleet Gothic will find similarities. For example, that you can react on an opponent’s attack within their turn. It seems to get more complex when the fighting starts and damage is imminent. Our first games need to show how smooth the rules work.

... so now I have to read the "advanced" rules ;)

Quite a pity is that the book is published with add-ons in mind, it relates often on coming books and such. Also, I think it lacks the money shots with all the models in their colourful pride. It further lacks colour in the sense of showing off all the titan legions. The rule book only shows four legions plus a few knightly houses with very little pictures. They could have put more in the book. This does replicate with the „maniples“, the specific battlegroups. The book seems to aim for add-ons. Thus, a minus on the b-note for the rule book, we know GW can do better. I love the old 3rd and 4th edition rule books. I used to drool for hours over all the lovely artworks and pictures.

A short unboxing video can be found on Youtube (no English version, yet).

Phase 2 --- ### --- 2021/09/04

Since the rulebook contains very little on the different legions, and especially pictures and compositon, doctrine etc., we decided to create our own colour schemes and legio.

here you'll find a scribble on the DOOM WAFFLES

Phase 3 --- ### --- 2021/09/14

I have a few videos on the models assembly - sadly only in German yet :(

Cerastus Knight:

Those little dudes are a bit taller than the standard Primaris Marine and are quick to build. There is nothing special I can say about the built.

You can watch the build process >here< at the end of the video.


Coming at the approximate hight of a classical Space Marine Dreadnoughts those titans are quite compact in their appearance. Assembly was a dream, it was really fun to build this model, after 45 - 60 minutes you have your Warhound finished. I was liking the Warhound ever since and the model did proof that once more. The legs are quite flexible, with little more effort those should be even more posable, cutting at the joints. Maybe in the near future I will do that. I definitely want more Warhounds in the future - just because the look good and were assembled so easily.

>Warhound Assembly<


Twice the hight of a Warhound titan, the Reaver titan is a imposing sight, even in this scale. The assembly on the other hand can be fiddly. Especially the feet and the toe joints are quite complicated and could have been engineered neater. Maybe adding little pins would have helped. So, it took me one Reaver to find out how to assemble the feet, hence one reaver is leaning a bit backwards. I fixed that with the posing on the base. The rest of the model went together relatively smooth, although very time consuming, each Reaver took me about 3-4 hours to build. I did magnetize the weapons so that took some extra time, but was worth it. The model allowed for a rather easy magnetization, so that's a plus. >Video<

Phase 4 --- ### --- 2021/10/13

*tragic music*

I wasn't able to paint all the models in the desired standard. The two Cerastus Knights were painted, lacking some additional weathering, which can be seen a minor loss.

Also, very easy to paint were the Warhounds, except for some highlights on the metal armour trim (why is that everywhere? why GW? WHHHYYY?).

With the Reavers I was running out of time, so that they had to go into battle without painted armour panels... Since they were not shot, they wouldn't need armour plating anyways.

Since painting is describe not so well with text, I will show the process in video and more pictures. In an overview of the painting it was basically two steps:

first the metal skelleon - different metal tones and a decent wash: tba

armour plating/panels, painted in the above colours of the Doom Waffles: tba

the rest... tba

Clash of Titans

The first game was held during our stay at the SPIEL'21 (boardgame fair in the town of Essen, Germany) in our rent apartment. In short: ohhh Boy what a fun! For a long time I didn't have so much playing a tabletop game.

It was the first game of Adeptus Titanicus for us both, so we clearly made some mistake and misinterpreted rules. But like real Gentlemen we let the dice "dicide" if an argument appeared. We played the introduction scenario as described in the rule book. Each side played with three models (Cerastus Knight, Warhound and Reaver).

Doom Waffles:

Cerastus Knight Banner

Warhound Titan - Vulcano Megabolter + Plasma Blastgun

Reaver Titan - Melta cannon, Chainfist and Turbo Laser Destructor

'ze Opponent:

Cerastus Knight Banner

Warhound Titan - Turbo Laser + Plasma Blastgun

Reaver Titan - Volcano Cannon, Chainfist and Turbo Laser Destructor

... pics and more text soon...

--- ### ---

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...Reactors to the MAX! Titankill inbound!