Forum History

So why is this forum here?

The answer is because our old one was ruthlessly destroyed by pirates, its treasures plundered and its wreckage lost to the depths of the interwebsites.

To expand, the core group that started this new endeavour into a multinational silly banter based wargaming forum all came from the now defunct papanurgle forum, a multinational silly banter based wargaming forum. We loved that place and everything it stood for because we are all multinational silly banter based wargamers with the same idea of what it means to be a human. It was at this place that long lasting friendships were formed and while we have kept in touch through facebook et al we have decided to rekindle our romances with a new forum dedicated to all things a bit daft and delightful.

Most of us have moved on from (though will never truly be free of) our love of Nurgle so the new place would need to be more than just a re-hash of the old place and so Moto (ed.: minamoto) came up with the ‘Guns & Waffles’ concept because most of what we do has a gun and who the f@&k doesn’t love waffles?

(For the admin it will always be the Stroopwafel….just in case you ever need to bribe us)

- Nurglephill

Few Words From the Admin

This site and forum is a new iteration of an old and lost place, we love.

Nurglephill was for far more longer a member of what we call the old "papanurgle forum". It was the joy of playing a Nurlge or Deathguard themed army in Warhammer Fantasy or 40.000, even before Age of Sigmar came out, that brought us there. Some of the old gang started the hobby in the very early day.

But like the games we love, the users also evolved and discoverd other games. So we are not purely a Warhammer / Games Workshop games based community. We love all kind of wargaming and do many different games. The other Thing to love about this "place" ist the internationality. We are from the U.S, Canada, Europe and so on, there are no boundaries. We used to have members from Russia - that is what unites us, the aspects of wargaming, tabletops and other nerdy stuff.

- minamoto

(ed.: maybe we get some more statements from the "old gang")