Dai's Fantastical Efforts

  • This will be my log for my large random Fantasy projects, a few of which I'll list below.

    - First and foremost my Burrows and Badgers project. If you haven't seen this anthropomorphic-style game by Oathsworn Miniatures and the beautiful handsculpted figs for it, then you're really missing out. The creators are big fans of the Redwall novels by Brian Jacques and it shows in the sculpts, though the B&B setting is very different and I feel a little more adult. I have a nice collection of minis for this very fun rules set both painted and in the lead mountain, including two playable teams. Expect the odd mini painted here and there as a nice palette cleanser between my painting one dull green/brown-uniformed WW2 squad/vehicle and the next.

    - Random fantasy minis for Roleplay games. I have oodles of figs to represent players and npc's and monsters and all sorts for my DnD sessions and whatever else in my roleplay games that need to be painted. I mainly do these also as a nice palette cleanser. From halfling adventurers through to crazy 1980's era DnD pig faced orcs to a couple very large dragons - there's a lot of variety and it all needs to be painted!

    - Wasn't sure where to add these but I guess zombies are a bit fantastical rather than sci-fi when in a modern setting. Whilst I have painted a majority of my zombies and survivors for my home-brewed "Walking Dead" type zombie survival setting (Using rules that are still being worked on from a Kickstarter), there are still plenty of them to be finished up, along with terrain elements. Not a priority on my to-do list, but sometimes some simple zedhead paintjobs are all it takes to engage the hobby mojo to full throttle!

    Watch this space!

  • Dipped my toe into 3D minis for the first time with a purchase from a seller on Etsy called The3DShoppe. I was surprised at how fine the detail was and how smooth with absolutely no layer lines there were on the minis. My only complaint is that the material used is very fragile and so tiny parts snapped off on a couple places like the odd finger or dagger blade.

    So far just got one of them painted, a Banshee for my Dungeons and Dragons games.


  • :love:

    Yeah with resin prinitng stuff got really insanely good. Friend of mine recently got himself a 3D printer aswell. It's awesome to see a mini come to live :D But like i feared things start to escalate quickly :D so it's good that you can buy stuff of "Printing-Shops". It's also a good think I discovered for Kickstarters, local shops printing the pledges for you, that reduces shipping costs and waiting time :D :D

    Got anything else? Skellies? Vampires fitting your Banshee girl?

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