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    Jo Folks,

    I backed some nice Crawler-Tank kits as a nicer alternative to the Plagueburst Crawler model, you maybe know the shop, it's quite famous for its alternative "Asträ Military" tank designs:

    So my gaming buddies lured me into bying three of these crawler tanks as a replacement for the Plagueburst Crawler Tank - which I think looks utterly ugly.

    Now I need to squeeze them in a trolling funny army list. Since they wanted me to get 'em all I think i need to troll them with thrwoing all three of them into their faces. 9th Ed. allows like the previous Ed. to field heavy support formations legaly, so that's one box i can tick.

    According to my knowledge similiar list were in 8th Ed. pretty much standard, three Plague Burst Crawler paired with cheap cultists. Maybe I can win somehting with that list... But i think not... as long it is fun I can live with that.

    Now I need to wait till the kickstarter order is fullfilled to geht them painted up and on the table.

    Spearhead Formation - 605pts


    Malignant Plaguecaster -> This guy can buff the PBCs and try to defend as a desprate last measure, but keeping him alive is the main role and cast spells of smelly winds.

    Heavy Support

    3 x individual PBC (+ Entropy Cannons) -> all equipped to stay out of short range

    Within our game standard of 1500 pts. I can easily add another Battailon detachement boosting some more Command Points.

    Bataillon Formation - 894pts


    Demon Prince (malefic Talon) -> resilient casting blob to boost the nearby Plague Marines

    Typhus -> friend to your local poxwalker gang


    14 x Poxwalkers -> meatshield to a certain somebody

    7 x Plague Marines + Blight Launcher -> 2nd Line Dudes

    7 x Plague Marines + Plague Spewer, Plasma Pistol -> getting them into the dirt if need to along with the DP


    Tallyman -> does use an abakus 8)

    Fast Attack

    Blighdrone 2 x Plaugespitters -> had the points

    Have you played the new Death Guard stuff in the latest Ed. or in 8th Ed.? I played very little 40K since my move to bavaria 2,5 years ago. I quite enjoyed using the Blight Drones in 8th Ed. but Plague Marines were to pricey, in 9th Ed. they have been altered slightly so maybe they play better, more smoothly. Though never had used the PBCs before, no idea if they are any good.

    . .<X


    Lots of great stuff! Really excited.

    GSC - you are a man of culture... I have some to for the first iteration of Killteam (Shadow something). Really nice models, though kinda overkill for this hordestyle army, none the less a great oppurturnity for modelling and storytelling.

    - Blackstone Fortress. Sweet Warhammer Quest game that is really good. I also have the Escalation expansion and the Zoat one too. The minis in this game are so cool and a painted set would certainly add to the game in general. So far, nothing painted, but I plan to change that eventually.

    This is really fun to play, a colleauge of mine got it and we played in 2019 a bit - lol. Even as a total noobie to that game it really went smoothly and was though more streamlined fun to play and exciting. Really a great game.

    So now I've read many great words, where is them pictures now?

    Maybe hopping from project to project as your attention leads you about will help with the mojo to keep going? Lots of cool stuff in that list to get on with and really, no rush so hopefully no pressure or threat of burnout.

    Actually the Plan is to go full speed ahead, to keep the momentum and not to sack down in video playing to much :D This old stuff is something that bothers me, so I really want it to be finished "soon-ish" which means months and years... i guess. But I will put newer projects in between.

    The ork mech is super cool! Loads of crazy details though - would drive me mad trying to paint it all.

    Yeah, I can't described how i struggled painting that Dude, it's a rather standard figure but it took me years... brain blockade engaged.

    Ooohhh I sense a challenge for my 15mm Stuff, got a ton load of soviet vehicles for FoW and further a large batch of British to paint for Team Yankee /WW3.

    Also really looking forward to your Saga stuff, it ever so often looks so neat and puristic compared to all the high fantasy stuff.

    As promised a pic of the first piece of shame

    Le Ork Mek - not Big Mek :D

    Magnetized the arm so I can equip this guy with a Buzzsaw.

    Really struggled to finish this guy, it's no particular complex paintjob, though I couldn't find the Mojo to get it done, so I painted for years now and then tiny parts. So it sat almost complete since it was released in the pile of shame. Now I got the guts and finished this Mek. Still like the outcome and the sculpt.

    Just now in the super close up I saw that I forgot a piercing in his lip :rolleyes:

    hmm next I guess some more ork stuff, maybe Plaguebearers at least it's Ja'nurgle'ary

    Hey Ho,

    so the new year's here, time for silly new years resolutions, like drink more, sleep less and such...

    In manner of this modern useless tradition I thought it would be a good idea to use the first months of the year to get on my backlog a.k.a. #pileofshame. Meaning to finally finish half and almost complete projects. Like...

    - 40K Demon Mortarion (30K Morty was finished afters years along with 30K Calas Typhon, right before new years eve)

    - all my Plaguebearers (28ish)

    - Blight Drone riders (3)

    - Beast of Nurgle

    - Biker Waaaghboss

    - Dropfleet Commander UCM Starter-Fleet

    - Dropfleet Commander Scourge Starter-Fleet

    - Dropfleet Commander Terrain & Space-Stations

    - Lord Cypher (old and new)

    - Spacehulk Genestealers

    - Spacehulk Terminators (Blood Angels)

    - Spacehulk Terminators (Custom Dark Angels)

    - Tau Firewarriors

    - Ork Bikers

    - Ork Battlewagon (Just needs the weathering, which may take a hour or two, how dumb can you be not finishing it in one go?)

    - get it...

    The plan is - fuck plans - to paint every day a bit or a bit more for the first quarter this year before going into any other waiting project.

    For the first couple of days this has been succsesful, wich means getting a mini done sitting almost complete for years on the desk - pics will follow asap.

    Just in Case you wonder, the laziest man is of course squig.

    There is stuff we need to do in the future and if there is demand:

    - integrated chat (Discord)

    - banners (achievements)

    - trophies (images for badges)

    - (themed) painting competitions

    - icons for forums

    Hey there members,

    want to contribute to the site and it's appereance?

    To make this not only a one man show, but a community fed place, i thought it could be a nice idea if you can apply with your finished miniauteres or projects to the sites gallery

    If you want to contribute to the forums gallery PM me.

    Rules & Guidelines (tbd further):

    - completed models

    - background that allows the finished miniature, model or diorama to stand out to make it easy recognisable

    - no blurry pics, sharp focus

    - min. dimensions: 300x300 / max. dimensions: 3.000x3.000

    - format .jpg, .jpeg, .png

    The Rules are really simple: Don’t be a dick!

    To explain for the harder of understanding, NO racist, homophobic, sexist bs allowed!

    We take the piss out of each other, but it is from a place of love and respect. It's called irony. If the admin deem you have gone too far you get a warning. If we decide you are too far gone to save, we might just ban you, so tread with care please.

    Friendly trolling is fine, Griefing is not.

    Oh, last thing. The big red ban button that Squig will often threaten you with is real. He isn’t kidding. We had to instal it just so he would come and play with us without another of his artistic tantrums.

    Couple of months ago i discovered Gojira, imo a very awesome metal band from France which i sadly knew for years, but never really listened to.

    Their Songs, like "global warming", "shooting star" or "The Way of all Flesh" are just brilliant - just to name a few - aweome melody, great texts and very different from what i heard before... just fell in love with it.

    Gojira - Magma