Oldest WH40k characters with models

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Oldest WH40k characters with models

Post by Stelio » Tue Nov 13, 2018 11:05 am

One of the characters in Blackstone Fortress, UR-025, has a remarkable background:
Blackstone Fortress wrote:The Imperial Robot UR-025 actually pre-dates the Imperium itself, to a time when Mankind first perfected artificial intelligence. Having assumed the guise of an automatous agent of the Omnissiah, UR-025 seeks the Blackstone Fortress' forbidden technologies.
That got me thinking about which are the oldest characters in the lore that are represented by models in Warhammer 40,000. Here are some notable examples, from youngest to probably-oldest...
  • Dante (Blood Angels) is the oldest living loyalist Space Marine. His exact age is unknown, but he is at least 1500 years old and has been chapter master for at least 1100 years.
  • Bjorn the Fell-Handed (Space Wolves) is the oldest active loyalist Space Marine. He was around when the Emperor was still walking, active in the Great Crusade and first coming to notability in the Fall of Prospero.
  • Cypher (Fallen Angels) pre-dates the Fall of Caliban, which makes him a pre-Heresy character as well.
  • Many other Chaos Space Marines are also pre-Heresy in age, including Abaddon (Black Legion), Ahriman (Thousand Sons), Fabius Bile, Khârn (World Eaters), Lucius (Emperor's Children), Typhus (Death Guard).
  • But coming before any of the Space Marines there are of course the Primarchs, and we currently have models for Magnus (Thousand Sons), Roboute Guilliman (Ultramarines), Mortarion (Death Guard). They were created in the late 30th Millennium. (Of course some of the Space Marines were born human before their Primarchs, and were converted later.)
  • Avatars of Khaine are shattered shards of the Aeldari god of war. That shattering dates to the birth of Slaanesh in the early 30th Millennium.
  • Asdrubael Vect was around before the Fall of the Eldar. So that's as far back as the late 29th / early 30th Millennium.
  • The Men of Iron date to the Dark Age of Technology and were destroyed in the 23rd Millennium... except for UR-025, it would appear.
  • Nurgle is thought by some to have come into existence around the time of the Plague of Justinian (6th Century) and to have gained sentience around the time of the Black Death (14th Century). Horticulous Slimux is reportedly Nurgle's first daemon, and so could date to that time period.
  • And then there are the entirety of the Necrons who come way before any of the puny flesh that currently walks around and even anything daemonic, before the War in Heaven warped the Immaterium sixty million years ago.
  • The oldest miniatures of all are arguably therefore the C'tan, for which we have models for the Nightbringer, the Deceiver, and a generic model in the Tesseract Vault. (Although technically they're shards now, and the shards slightly post-date the War in Heaven.)
Who did I miss?

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Re: Oldest WH40k characters with models

Post by minamoto » Sat Nov 17, 2018 7:18 pm

I'd have added maybe Eldrad Ulthuan, he should be around the same age as Vect... ish.
Also the ELdar phoenix kings, who are no particular eldar beeing as the more like the sum of them all souls of Eldar who become a phoenix King. Not sure how old these are but in terms of humans it might be a bucket load of aeons.

*takes off lore hat*

Interesting to think about that lore, it may be a bit to nerdy for me to pretend in real life, all what I know about that. Also I think it is intresting from the perspective, that "mankind" is limited in their thinking of eternity and such, if you believe psychology. To live for 100 or 150 years seem imaginable but going up to 1000 years and more. That's quite a thing to think of.
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