WH40k 8e: 1000 Nurgle Daemons list

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WH40k 8e: 1000 Nurgle Daemons list

Post by Stelio » Thu Jul 19, 2018 10:33 pm

Here's a 1000 point Nurgle Daemons force, a subset of the 1500 point army previously listed (with some edits where appropriate)...
  • Battalion Detachment (+5 CP)
    • 325 - HQ: Great Unclean One (bilesword, plague flail, fleshy abundance, miasma of pestilence, warlord: plaguefly hive)
    • 70 - HQ: Poxbringer (virulent blessing)
    • 75 - HQ: Spoilpox Scrivener (Corruption)
    • 77 - Troops: 11 Plaguebearers
    • 70 - Troops: 10 Plaguebearers
    • 70 - Troops: 10 Plaguebearers
    • 102 - Fast Attack: 3 Plague Drones
  • Patrol Detachment (+0 CP)
    • 100 - HQ: Epidemius
    • 108 - Troops: 6 Nurglings
That's a total of 997 points, 58 power, with 44 models, and 104 wounds in total.

This is what I'll be fielding on 22 Sep 2018, for my "40kth birthday".
  • It's still annoying that there's no incentive to take units in multiples of seven models, so apologies for the lack of fluffiness in the numbers.
  • Chaos Daemons armies have lots of overlapping aura abilities. By taking a mix of predominantly HQ and Troops, that means I'll have a lot of aura abilities, and a lot of units that can take advantage of them.
  • The core of the army are the Plaguebearers, and lots of them. Last game, the other players were somewhat shocked by how many models I was fielding, and I aim to get the same reaction again. When supported by the Poxbringer and Spoilpox Scrivener, they're on +2" Move, +1 to hit (and on a 7+ get an extra attack), +1 Strength, re-roll failed wound rolls, and get +1 Damage on wound rolls of 6+. If the Poxbringer also manifests Virulent Blessing, then one unit will also get +1 to wound and wound rolls of 7+ do double damage.
  • The Nurglings will be deployed as far forward as possible, and the Plague Drones will zip into the enemy, to tie up ranged weapons where possible.
  • The Great Unclean One will be able to keep up with the Plaguebearer mob as well, and provide intimidatingly heavy-hitting support, likely leading the front lines of a wave of filth.
  • Epidemius can stay at the back with his slow 5" move, and boost everyone with his Tally of Pestilence.
  • With 8CP, particularly useful stratagems are: (2CP) regain D3 lost wounds, (1CP) double damage to enemy Psyker on Perils of the Warp, (2CP) 6" aura to re-roll 1s on Disgustingly Resilient, and of course (1CP) re-roll.
  • I am deliberately not using summoning, as it's risky (both in terms of possibly incurring wounds, and not getting the units out in time or at all).

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