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Re: moto's flames of madness

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 9:11 pm
by Phill
I mean....Delicious :luv:

Re: moto's flames of madness

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 2:21 am
by Tapeworm
Very nice! It makes me laugh that these bands probably all formed up before you were born. Black Sabbath is the same age as me but not the others. They are all Johnny come lately comparatively speaking. XD

Re: moto's log of madness

Posted: Mon May 20, 2019 8:58 pm
by minamoto
Howdy, man, man, man, all these logs of mine look like I have been an lazy bum all the year now...
Well of course I've been a lazy bum... but I was painting a bit.

For example a first "Test" Piece of a little game started by a very well know German Tabletop-Journalist/chief editor of the magazin > < maybe the dutch lot will know. He works with the guys of neverealm industries who do the sculpting.

Part of the "earth" Faction of the Game Summoners. Rules are for free :)

Also I finished my British tankies, atm they sit in a glas cabinet for drying the oil-weathering PLUS today I finished my damn russian SMG Platoon ant the Zis2-Platoon of four bases.... sigh... but that is finally the original soviet Army I started a couple of years ago for late war flames of war.

11 T-34, 5 SU-100 Tankhunters, 4 Zis2 Anti-Tank Guns and a full SMG Platoon. I have another 5 SU-122/152, from a birthday present all painted up and ready :)
I'll post some pics after I found time to do a groupshot or found time to matt-varnish them. ATM all is a bit shiny from washing and weathering :agree:

Just in time for the new rule update on latewar 4th Ed. Luckily in historical games all you units don't become obsolete all sudden.

Re: moto's flames of madness

Posted: Tue May 21, 2019 12:51 am
by Dai
Not familiar with the fantasy rules. Does it have an english translation?

Glad to hear you havent' been idle on the WW2 front. Can't wait to see your Commies en masse! I have a 1/56 KV-1 to finish painting on my table currently.

Gave up on Flames of War though - not the only one, the game has almost entirely died in my area with games only being played at major cons here on the West Coast.

I think what annoyed me most was the fact that I now can't use my troop transports so have a crap tonne of trucks etc just sat and not being able to be used in the game. Might try Battlegroup instead as I've heard it's good - but in all reality 15mm has lost it's appeal and I'd like to sell my Canadians.

Re: moto's flames of madness

Posted: Tue May 21, 2019 8:24 am
by minamoto
Apparently there are no english rules, althouh the site offers an English version: ... s/?lang=en

It's a skirmish game were your caster starts alone, with some mana in his pool. You can do activation and summon lesser creatures. Either get VP or Mana-Sources to further enlargen your pool or engage the opponent. To summon larger creatures you need to sacrifice lesser Creatures, that's a rather nice Idea. Also you have to roll for controll over your summoned creatures. They seem to develop an own will :shifty:
There are mechanics with command-distance, portals, mana-sources and different faction wide specalities.
We did a Testgame on "Spiel" in Essen, which was rather nice. Also I like the idea of supporting smaller systems that put great passion into what they do.

Some of neverrealm minis are quite popular as these are quite freakish and horror.

As with Flames... no idea really, if you follow the blogs, they kinda say what you said, the groups left it aside somehow. But still there is a vivid tournament scene. For Example the annual European Tournament - I know one guy from the German Team by accident. The guys here in Coburg also play alot FoW / TY. Did a small campaign just recently. But these guy play any kind of game, Bolt Action, Napleonic, etc. and do Warhammer,Star Wars Legion (which I sofar did not jump on - strong i have to be). So Yes in Freiburg there were almost none FoW Players, here 400km east, there are ten or so in one group.

I think 4th ED mid war helped to bring in new players, but also pissed off some of the old. Lets see what late war 4th Ed does :eeek:

Since GW turned the flow to their favor, many more people got back into 40K - sofar i can tell from what i've heard. Although kinda ruining it again... shooty armies still dominate the game :(