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Re: Pandemic

Post by minamoto » Tue Mar 13, 2018 10:11 am

Great Progress Mate!

Not a fan of the plastic DP. Tough your inquisitorial DP is getting more awesome!

Well when it comes to filling gaps, hate to do that so I sometimes leave it out. Liquid GS never worked for me, it's silly to apply, imho it's to grainy wich also sucks on T'au Battlesuits, when I tried to sand it smooth it all came off. So in the end I use normal GS and do the job. When using some hand-lotion or something greasy it really gets smooth and becomes more easy to handle.

Milli-Put or other two-component resin fillers might be also not bad, some of them are more smooth by default and others can be flatten easily with water and your finger ;) Can get a bit messy when added to much water, but for filling gaps it's good.
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Re: Pandemic

Post by Stelio » Tue Mar 13, 2018 11:28 pm

Good tips all; thank you very much! Turns out that Aves Apoxie Sculpt is listed on the UK Amazon site (first place I looked, so may be available in other places too).

I agree that the plastic Daemon Prince isn't that awesome. It's certainly nice and daemony, but very much not Nurgley. But the official Nurgle Daemon Prince model has that god awful cartoonish eye that totally puts me off.

Really I should look at the wide range of third party designers that have made all sorts of lovely models (I particularly like this and this). That's kind of why I'm happy to use the GW plastic model as a test bed for some green stuff conversion, as it doesn't matter a huge amount if I ruin it.

But back to tonight's progress. Another panel left to set on Brother Vromikos the Pustulent:


It's slow progress, but necessarily so to be sure that the components fully set in the correct position.

That was quick to set up, so I also sorted out the plastic DP tabard which I'll be using as a cloak on this metal DP by filing down some of the bulk so that it fits better:


Also I restarted work on the Nurgling bases. Here are some of the scenic elements that I've gathered, now all cleaned up ready to be used:


Bonus points available for each one you can positively identify! XD

The white tack was awful to the touch, so having stripped it off the models and thrown it away, I've gone as far as washing all the Nurglings and bases (as well as some of the metal Daemon Prince components) so that any residue has gone (in case it stops paint adhering well):


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