Fire Emblem: Echoes

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Fire Emblem: Echoes

Post by Martijn » Fri Jun 02, 2017 8:14 pm

Remake of the second Fire Emblem game (FE Gaiden) from way back in the 1980s. Picked it up two weeks ago but haven't had much opportunity to play it yet. Like most second installments from franchises in the NES era it features some very interesting gameplay elements which for some reason were scrapped in later games.
Healers for instance use magic spells instead of staffs to heal their allies, and this comes at the cost of their own HP, with stronger healing requiring more HP. They also come with a Nosferatu spell that drains enemy HP to restore their own, but this spell has low accuracy and healers are fragile so you can't just plonk them down within enemy range and expect them to survive an enemy phase fully healed. This creates a neat tactical mechanic where you have to find a balance between healing and attacking with your healers, instead of them just lurking one tile behind your other units and waving their Heal Staff every turn.
Archers are also completely different from other FE games in that they function a lot more like real archers - not only can they fire at targets that are more than two tiles away (with their range increasing even more when they are promoted to longbowmen), but they can also fight back when they are being attacked in close range instead of just standing there like a moron/healer while a Bandit smacks them on the head with an axe repeatedly.

The game also loves to throw random skirmishes with enemy warbands in your face whenever you try to manoeuvre across the map, so there's no need to buy any of the grinding DLC that was of course made available as soon as the game was released. Joke's on you, Intelligent Systems. :rasp:
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