Dai's Historical Somethingorrathers

  • Amongst all my projects, it seems my most visited on my hobby table are still my historical ones.

    So here, I'll try to collect images and progress on those and in no particular order list out below what you lot can expect to see and also I can hope to complete (In a few lifetimes).

    - WW2 Canadians and Commandos for my 1942 Dieppe Landing Project (Look it up, a right shit show of an operation) for Bolt Action. I've already started these and have both vehicles and infantry completed (Pics to come). I've also added extra stuff so that I can switch stuff around and use them in Both D-Day and later settings. There's also going to be a small-ish scratch terrain piece that I hope to do for this project.

    - WW2 Soviets for my late war Winter Project for Bolt Action. This army is my main army for the Bolt Actions rules set and I have a large collection already, but like any project, there are always additions that are made and need to be painted. Along with the troops and vehicles in this project, I also have completed a large amount of matching terrain and still have some of that to be completed.

    - WW2 Germans (Winter) to face the above described Soviets and so I can run a demo game of Bolt Action with two fully painted forces. This project is about 25% done and I ran out of steam a while ago after painting up some SS and their complicated camo. But I plan to get back to them eventually.

    - 15mm WW2 Brits for Chain of Command. I have a platoon of infantry with a couple support teams, but I still have an MMG team and a Churchill tank to paint up. Considering how quickly it is to paint up 15mm WW2 stuff and how little I have left to complete, I really don't know why I've let this lot sit untouched aside from not playing the game in like 3 years. But there we go.

    - 28mm Jomsvikings and Anglo Saxons that I'd picked up a LONG time ago to be able to play both Saga and Lion Rampant with a mate. I had gotten about 1/3 of these done about 4 years ago and then ran out of energy for the project, especially once I got divorced! ^^ But seeing as I also like to use these figs for my Fantasy rpg sessions, I think I'll see if I can't get the urge to get back to painting them again. Don't expect too many updates for these though - low priority really.

    Watch this space I guess?

  • Got some Midwar WW2 Brit Commandos done! These are by Black Tree Design and are decent sculpts and painted up easily.





    (I think the bloke in the above pic on the left is actually by Wargames Foundry.)

    A couple Lledo Days Gone diecast trucks painted up as Mack Trucks.


    Also some Warlord Games Commonwealth troops painted up in Canadian uniforms.




    A Churchill Mk1 tank. This was a lovely Resin model by MadBobMiniatures.


    A Warlord Games plastic Mk1 Universal Carrier.


    A Warlord games Sniper team in Ghillie Suits, really cool sculpts.


    A Wargames Foundry Light Mortar team.


    Black Tree Design Officer (Actually a Paratrooper, but I felt he'd make for a good leader so gave him a Commandos green beret.) and Wargames Foundry Adjutant.


  • It's all for a project that's based off of an attempted 1942 Amphibious landing by the allies on the coastal port of Dieppe that went disastrously wrong. The force organisation is from Bolt Action, though I think I will paint up some more troops so I can play Chain of Command as well.

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