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Post by admin_fly.dice » Tue Aug 30, 2016 12:27 pm

Hello all,

We are cynical, sarcastic ironic at the best, to some not knowing or just new to this place, it might seem very rude. In the core we are just like a family, so things often aren’t taken to serious. This ist what the rules are intended to represent.

Everybody likes to break the rules some times ;) But as a community we need to watch each other so that things go easy and peaceful.
So we ask you to read these few sentences below.

#1 The Golden Rule: Don’t be a ******
Be gentle and nice and tread to each other with respect. You will be rewarded the same.

#2 IP and Copyright
Our hobby is based on stories, rules, creativty and efforts of different companies and individuals. We might contribute to let this hole thing live, though it’s just the use of the points named before. So please respect the IP and copyrights of each company. Disobeyance might get us some serious trouble.

#3 Spam
While we are using technology to avoid spam, some bots or users might be able to flood the forums. please contact us if you find any suspicious content. The Mods and Admins are also advised to report and delete such spam. In some cases banning users will also be an option. So think ahead before hitting that “submit”-button.

Advertising topics and posts are allowed in regards of the topic of this site (e. g. models, bits, gaming, etc.). Please make sure to post in the bazar. Posting advertisements for unrelated web pages or services is not allowed and might lead to disciplinary measures or ban.

#4 upon criminal behaviour you will be instantly banned
Please make sure to protect international rights. The sites location is Germany, please note that law of the Federal Repulic of Germany is applicable.
We asume you know what you do, and in the internet laws and rights also come to bear, so please resepect rules 1 & 2.

For repeatingly breaking rules and little offences you might be turned “pink” and suspended of the right to post – after several warnings by the Admins and Mods.

Ban is the ultima ratio and might be enforced after conducting criminal inteds or similar or after repeatingly turning into pink.

posted: 15/08/2016

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