The 2nd laziest man's painting log

  • Hey Ho,

    so the new year's here, time for silly new years resolutions, like drink more, sleep less and such...

    In manner of this modern useless tradition I thought it would be a good idea to use the first months of the year to get on my backlog a.k.a. #pileofshame. Meaning to finally finish half and almost complete projects. Like...

    - 40K Demon Mortarion (30K Morty was finished afters years along with 30K Calas Typhon, right before new years eve)

    - all my Plaguebearers (28ish)

    - Blight Drone riders (3)

    - Beast of Nurgle

    - Biker Waaaghboss

    - Dropfleet Commander UCM Starter-Fleet

    - Dropfleet Commander Scourge Starter-Fleet

    - Dropfleet Commander Terrain & Space-Stations

    - Lord Cypher (old and new)

    - Spacehulk Genestealers

    - Spacehulk Terminators (Blood Angels)

    - Spacehulk Terminators (Custom Dark Angels)

    - Tau Firewarriors

    - Ork Bikers

    - Ork Battlewagon (Just needs the weathering, which may take a hour or two, how dumb can you be not finishing it in one go?)

    - get it...

    The plan is - fuck plans - to paint every day a bit or a bit more for the first quarter this year before going into any other waiting project.

    For the first couple of days this has been succsesful, wich means getting a mini done sitting almost complete for years on the desk - pics will follow asap.

    Just in Case you wonder, the laziest man is of course squig.

  • As promised a pic of the first piece of shame

    Le Ork Mek - not Big Mek :D

    Magnetized the arm so I can equip this guy with a Buzzsaw.

    Really struggled to finish this guy, it's no particular complex paintjob, though I couldn't find the Mojo to get it done, so I painted for years now and then tiny parts. So it sat almost complete since it was released in the pile of shame. Now I got the guts and finished this Mek. Still like the outcome and the sculpt.

    Just now in the super close up I saw that I forgot a piercing in his lip :rolleyes:

    hmm next I guess some more ork stuff, maybe Plaguebearers at least it's Ja'nurgle'ary

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